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Photos above: (left) Molly's a fan of the new Mid-Lothian Mines Park, the village has fun and creative places to enjoy a bite and a cool beverage (middle) as well as a growing number of places that offer entertaining and unique shopping (right).
About Midlothian, Virginia

The Midlothian, Va., community is in the northwestern part of Chesterfield County, Virginia, a few miles west of Richmond, Va., USA. It includes the unincorporated Village of Midlothian that has old and new churches, fine and friendly restaurants, unique shopping, a modern post office, a volunteer fire department, schools, and older homes–all surrounded by the typical new residential development found in many popular suburban communities across the country.

There are many new things going on in our historic community. A historic park for walking and picnics near the village core was opened in 2006. John Tyler Community College, which came to Midlothian in 2000, continues to build and add exciting programs. Our YMCA is also getting ready to expand its facilities. Route 288 to the west of the village greatly improves transportation in and around the area but also puts considerable growth pressure on our community as well. Many of the new neighborhoods and commercial developments are thoughtful, careful and appropriate–thanks to cooperation with local citizen groups.

One reason for our community’s pride is our long history. Midlothian started as a settlement of coal miners in the 1700s. Coal was the basis of the Midlothian area until the late 1800s when mining ended. Later attempts to reopen the mines were unsuccessful, but thanks to the access of rail to Richmond, the village became a commuter town.

For years it was a friendly little southern community in the quiet Virginia countryside. Much of that charm remains intact today on the back roads of the village. Large-scale residential growth started in Midlothian in the 1970s, and soon both long-established citizens and new residents were asking if something could be done to manage the sprawl.

Despite severe pressures, the Village of Midlothian had retained its sense of place, unlike too many suburban towns in the U.S. that have been "lost" under corporate concrete, poorly-planned asphalt and franchise-business plastic.

In the 21st Century, Midlothian remains one of the region’s fastest growing communities. Residents in the suburban neighborhoods such as Queensmill, Salisbury, Four Seasons, Walton Park, The Grove, Rosemont and Otterdale, as well as Old Buckingham Station Apartments, have teamed with long-time citizens of the village to protect and enhance the community. There are many active groups and individuals in the area who have done much to make the area a good place to live.

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The Village of Midlothian, Va.

In 2011 CNBC consulted Location, Inc., a data and analysis company and creator of the consumer reference site NeighborhoodScout, to find the suburbs in the US with the best mix of affordable housing, good schools, educated neighbors, low crime, employment, and reasonable commutes. Midlothian was ranked number 6 in the nation.
From the report:
   Midlothian does seem to be experiencing an influx of affluent people, because the median household income is $63,519...
   Midlothian is neither predominantly blue-collar nor white-collar, instead having a mixed workforce of both blue-collar and white-collar jobs. Overall, Midlothian is a city of sales and office workers, professionals and managers. There are especially a lot of people living in Midlothian who work in office and administrative support (17%), sales jobs (14%) and management occupations (12%). Also of interest is that Midlothian has more people living here who work in computers and math than 95% of the places in the US.
   In addition, Midlothian is home to many people who could be described as "urban sophisticates". Urban sophisticates are people who are both educated and wealthy, and thus tend to be older, richer, and more established than young professionals. "Urban sophisticates" is not just about being educated and well-off financially; it is a point of view and state of mind, one that you might call 'urbaneness'. ...They read, support the arts and high-end shops, and love travel.
    Is Midlothian perfect? Of course not...
Read the entire report here

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Basic Data
Zip Codes: 23113 & 23114
Area Code:  804
Current Population:    35,000+-
Persons Per Household:    2.88
Median Age: 39.4 years
Male Median Age:  38.4
Female Median Age:  40.1

Chesterfield County Supervisor
Dan Gecker
P.O. Box 40 Chesterfield, VA 23832-0040
Office: 748-1211
Voice Mail: 768-7397

Planning Commissioner
Reuben J. Waller Jr.

Chesterfield County School Board Member
Patricia Carpenter

Virginia Senate
John C. Watkins
PO Box 159, Midlothian, VA 23113
District: 379-2063
Legislative: 698-7510

Virginia House of Delegates
65th District (Western Midlothian)
R. Lee Ware
PO Box 689, Powhatan, VA 23139
District: 598-6696
Legislative: 698-1065

68th District (Eastern Midlothian)
G. Manoli Loupassi
6002A W. Broad St, Ste. 200 Richmond, VA 23230
District: 440-6222
Legislative: 698-1068

110th US Congressional District
Eric Cantor