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Photos above:(left) Scouts, dancers, bands, civic groups and businesses make time for the Midlothian Day Parade in October. (middle) TheVillage of Midlothian Volunteer Coalition focuses on land-use and development. (right) Area business leaders formed the Western Chesterfield Business Alliance.
About the Midlothian Communications Committee
Midlothian Communications Committee

Kahil Dotay works in local real estate, online marketing and is a professional actor (recently appearing in Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln"). He is serving his second year as president of the Friends of the Chesterfield County Public Library. He was elected chairman of the MCC in 2013.

Quenton Lee is president of Midlothian Electric, but his claim to Midlothian fame may likely be as the leader of the Midlothian Parade. He was the Bernard L. Savage Community Service Award Recipient in 2008. 

Paul Rogers is a Certified Financial Planner and Accredited Asset Management Specialist. He is the president of the Western Chesterfield Business Alliance. 

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A basic listing on the Midlothian Directory is free to business and organizations in the 23113 and 23114 zip codes. Enhanced business listings allowing placement in more than one category, the display of logos, photos, artwork and are featured higher in the directory listings are available with a membership in the Western Chesterfield Business Alliance.

Click here to create your listing in the directory.

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Individuals or groups with interest serving the Midlothian community using the resources of the Midlothian Communications Committee are encouraged to bring their specific proposals to the attention of the committee members. Email:
The community services of the Midlothian Communications Committee are a result of the cooperation of several Midlothian community volunteers. Over the years these like-minded leaders saw benefits in working together–not only to advance their own interests but, more importantly, to better engage the Midlothian community at large. 

The MCC is committed to improving the Midlothian community by promoting wide community involvement and open communications in both civic and government efforts. 

Besides the website, the committee oversees the operation of the free Midlothian Newsletter network. The committee also oversees Midlothian Directory associated with the website as well as its MidloVa Twitter account.

One result of these efforts to involve as many in the community as possible in these online effort is how a search on "Midlothian Va" on any search engine in the world now brings people to this independent, non-profit website that strives to represent the entire Midlothian community.

The MCC is responsible for managing and securing funding the websites, social networks and email newsletters. Started by individuals working with the support of the Village of Midlothian Volunteer Coalition, in recent years the network has been funded and managed by the Western Chesterfield Business Alliance and individual volunteers.

The volunteers on the communications committee serve as individuals, not as representatives of any one organization. They help recruit others with the skills needed to help produce the website and newsletters. The committee volunteers decide which individuals and organizations are allowed to use website and email system and for what purpose. The committee sets the basic guidelines for the use of the website and the email newsletter network. (No commercial use, no political use, no spamming, database is kept private, etc.)

Interested in helping fund this community effort via special sponsorship opportunities? Please email the MCC leadership at