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Photos above: (left) Parks provide both recreation and open space, (middle) Sycamore Square set the pace for development, (right) higher-density developments that are well-designed with high-quality construction have found a home within the Village of Midlothian area.

Village of Midlothian Development & Land Use Committee
Gordon Meyer,
The volunteers of the Village of Midlothian Development and Land Use Committee, part of the Village of Midlothian Volunteer Coalition, serve as a community resource to help elected and appointed officials, government professionals, landowners, real estate developers, businesses and citizens establish a consensus regarding zoning and planning issues.

The committee strives to maintain and enhance the village's human-scale "sense of place," using the county's Midlothian Plan(pdf) and existing high-quality developments as guides. A new Midlothian Area Plan is expected to be considered in 2013. 

Everyone is welcome to participate in meetings. Most of the committee meetings are held in the Village of Midlothian Volunteer Coalition meeting room in Sycamore Square.

To contact this committee, email